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Bobby clips online

Bobby_Poster.jpgEmilio Estevez's epic and hugely cast Bobby has eleven clips online for you to view, and they all confirm that this really is an ensemble piece more about the people and feelings from the day rather than the man and the events himself.

You can see the clips over at Rope of Silicon, and they really do show off some strong acting talent. I have to say the scenes with Sharon Stone and Demi Moore are superb, surprisingly with Moore scene stealing from Stone, and not in an over played way. I can't believe how good she can be considering some of her past films. Honestly, I'm shocked.

Of course they are only clips, but it starts to give you a feel for the film. Despite some bad press the film has received, I'm looking forward to it. I'm particularly keen to see if Estevez can pull me deep into that time and make me believe in and feel for the characters.



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