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Borat banned in Russia

Borat.jpgThe Borat film has been refused a distribution licence in Russia due to the content potentially causing humiliation to different ethnic and religious groups. This means that anyone in Russia that wants to see it will have to rely on imports or the Internet.

According to the BBC today, the Culture Ministry told them that although it had been refused, the filmmakers had a right to appeal against the decision. I doubt they will though, this will be superb press for them and give Borat the chance to arrive on the doorstep of the Russian Culture Ministry and demand an explanation.

The Kazakh politicians are similarly displeased, if not more so:

One Kazakh diplomat says that the depiction of his country as violent, primitive and oppressive bears no resemblance to reality.

Oh dear. Perhaps Sacha Baron Cohen has gone too far, but at least he's not chosen to insult an ethnic or religious group that would do something like target him personally.

With all this though, it's still doing incredibly well, and it's receiving either love or loathe reviews. Have you seen it? What do you think about the content and his portrayal of certain groups? Is it a tad too far, or just enough to be on the humourous side of insulting?



I am easily offended even if its not directed to me so I doubt if I will like Borat. Are you planning on watching it at all Richard?

I'm not sure, friends are telling me to but I'm really not that interested. I might just for the hell of it.

Oh I hope you dont become a convert! Well, if you become one, I'd still visit Filmstalker! Hihihi


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