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Borat returns in sequel?

Borat.jpgIt seems as though the Sacha Baron Cohen character Borat may well be set to make a return to our screens, now I don't mean Cohen under any other guise, I mean Borat himself.

According to VH1 through the lovely guys over at Cinema Blend, the producer has been talking about a sequel.

Borat producer Jay Roach that they are already discussing another movie starring Sacha's incredibly offensive Borat character. Roach says, "We've talked a lot about [a sequel]. We have talked about ideas to try different stuff....There are always insulated worlds where Borat can go either on this continent or others."

He also says that the format will remain pretty much the same, but with his last comment there he could be hinting at Borat returning to Eastern Europe? What do you think, a possibility? Something you would want to see? Where else could they take the character where no one else has heard of him, because if they recognise him then that's the whole premise thwarted.



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