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Bourne baddie, Lucy Liu naked, Nerds stall

LucyLiu.jpgThree quick stories tonight. A baddie is found for The Bourne Ultimatum, Lucy Liu will be full frontal naked in Rise and The Revenge of the Nerds remake is stalled.

First up the Nerds remake. The news from Variety through film ick is that the Emory University in Atlanta has pulled their location from the film after the realised that the story was going to be a bit too close to the bone. What, nerds get beaten up and bullied through University rather than the drugs and drink fuelled real popular kids? Never...no, and that's not a chip on my shoulder! I hope it stays stalled, but I'm sure they'll find a location.

Next there's news that a new baddie for Bourne has been chosen. After Gael Garcia Bernal said no to Bourne, Edgar Ramirez has been chosen. His US career is picking up with recently being seen on Domino and now working on Vantage Point. From Empire through Obsessed with Film.

Now. In Liu's next film Rise, she'll be playing a part vampire, and she'll be disrobing for the cameras. I apologise now but this story is entirely for my own gratification. I think that Liu is stunningly gorgeous, perhaps one of the most intriguing and uniquely beautiful women on film today. Strangely part of me doesn't want to see her naked because she's extremely alluring and attractive on film as it is...however she will be, and in a film called Rise...Fnnnarr. Thanks to HorrorMovies.ca for the heads up...oh dear.




On that Rise comment, no pun intended I suppose? ;D


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