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Bratz dolls live action movie

BratzDolls.jpgThey can make a film out of anything these days, and next up is the film based on kids dolls. Yep, Bratz the live action movie is coming or way and the only word that screams into my head is merchandising.

According to Yahoo News none other than Lionsgate has bought the rights to the film as well as future animated direct to DVD films, of which there already have been many.

The stories revolve around a group of girls from quite diverse backgrounds who come together despite their differences. Awww, a wonderful tale!

For the direct-to-DVD component of the deal, MGA will support each film with all-new lines of dolls and other toys based on each of the movies.

Yup, there we go. The big cash cow. Well if it works and people want to buy it...or rather kids see the adverts and persaude their parents to buy them some...why not?



Man Richard, what else do you want me to do to ask you and write a feature on Warner Bros. Happy Feet?

I just saw the trailer again last night, it's such a positive smiley one.

And the review from AICN is out too!


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