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Brian Wilson film in development

BrianWilson.jpgThe turbulent life of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys fame is set to become a film, charting his rise, fall, and many repeats. His life is certainly about excesses of all descriptions from fame to drugs and indeed comebacks, and it certainly would make a great journey on screen.

According to Variety through Cinema Blend the deal is going to include the rights to the songs, which is a huge part of this story, and although there's no writer attached there are two producers. Mark Gordon and David Leaf. Leaf filmed Wilson in the documentary Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson and the Story of 'Smile'.

So we've had Johnny Cash, we're awaiting Charley Pride, now we're going to see Brian Wilson. Who else would you like to see brought from the world of music into film? Are there other great (or not so great) names out there that would make an exciting film such as these guys?...Ooh..this could be a feature!



Yeah go on then Richard with this proposed feature!


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