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Broccoli and Craig talk next Bond

CasinoRoyale_Poster.jpgIt's interesting to hear from Barbara Broccoli herself that the audience should just forget about continuity, despite that being planely obvious from the new film Casino Royale, a film which is a prequel to all the other Bond films by some time frame, and yet largely takes place in modern day after the cold war. She also talks of what is to come in his next adventure:

Over in an interview at CHUD, she tells us that we shouldn't expect remakes of or direct sequels to any existing Bond films, we will not be seeing any of the old baddies return. Her plan is to continue down the route of harder edged, tougher, and much darker Bond films. Films based more in reality than the fantasy world of Bond.

"Although these are not political films, we like to get the atmosphere of the world situation, and terrorism is a big subject on everybody's mind. It's not just the terrorism but the financing of terrorism, and that's a big challenge for all the secret services of the world, to find the financing and track the financing. When we did Casino Royale it was easy to adapt the Le Chiffre character and make him the banker to the world's terrorists. I think we'll continue down that path of trying to find a relevant and more realistic story – not a political story."

So where could he be going in the next film? She has some ideas, but as much as it's grounding in reality it still does sound very close to the idea of SPECTRE.

"At the end of this film there's unfinished business," she told me. "It's clear in this story that there's someone out there. In fact there's a line at the end of the book Casino Royale where Bond makes a decision that he's going to take on this task, he's going to become a warrior and try to find the hand that holds the whip. The big menace out there, the man who manipulates people and gets them to do evil things. That's very much the spirit of the book and that's the direction we're going to continue on."

Later in the article Craig, Daniel Craig agrees and says that his next step will be to find the organisation behind the terrorist financing and take it down. They both agree that the Bond character isn't quite rounded as yet, hasn't completed his journey to becoming the real Bond, and so there's some work to do to finally make him the Bond we know and love...or rather not since the story will apparently never go back to the Bond we knew.

Interestingly Craig says that at the end of the current Bond film the last thing he really wanted to do was another Bond film, and yet now, after some time has passed, he's dead keen. The team get together in January to start working on ideas for the next film, and perhaps that might come a bit more quickly than we expect, however I think they're going to miss that wonderful 2007 date.



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