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Brosnan talks Thomas Crown Affair sequel

PierceBrosnan.jpgPierce Brosnan has revealed a little secret about the sequel to The Thomas Crown Affair that his production company are working on.

In an interview with Dark Horizons, he reveals that the story this time will be based on the old Peter Ustinov comedy and crime thriller, Topkapi, and is now called The Topkapi Affair. According to Brosnan:

"I mean when you look at it, it's much loved by people who love that genre of and has a sentimental resonance to it. So we just took Thomas Crown off the shelf, kind of dusted it off, and took Topkapi, which is much loved, and is also in the cannon of the MGM library so it didn't cost us anything. This version of Topkapi will have a different part, different woman, and different affair. The guy is a little bit more seasoned and we're using wonderful locations this time."

Sounds all rather clinical, but there are a few statements of love for the original film in there. The original film is about a small time crook who gets caught up in a big time robbery of the Istanbul Topkapi museum. Although he's in over his head he rises up to the challenge along the way.

That doesn't really sound like the Thomas Crown we know from the first film, but with a little rework you could see that the basic concept would work in the film. However one of the strongest parts of both the Thomas Crown Affair movies was the cat and mouse, and eventually love, relationship that played out almost to the final scene. What will we see here?



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