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Bruce Lee returns to acting

BruceLee.jpgYes, I know it's incredibly hard to believe since Bruce Lee is actually dead, but he's going to return to acting. Last month I had the news that Rob Cohen was to create another Bruce Lee film, Rage and Fury is the film and an early draft of the script has been reviewed online.

Since that review, over at Latino Review through Obsessed with Film, Cohen has actually written in to the guys and put them right about a few things, you can see the full letter here. He agrees with their not so hot script review and explains that's why he threw it out and started again with a tougher, more realistic view.

The most interesting thing though is how they are going to cast Bruce Lee, you see they aren't, they're going to get Lee to play himself.

I am NOT using clips from the film; I am creating an entirely photo-realistic Bruce Lee with new, advanced digital technlogy. Digital Domain who did "XXX" and "Stealth" with me are on it big time. We are in the vfx development stage.

This will be the first digital actor and I am very excited about the challenge.

We do have the rights to Bruce's films but the lines are all I am going to use.

Wow. They're actually going to use an entire digital performance of Lee and cut that through with lines from all his different films? I think that's going to present many difficulties, getting the right lines, matching inclinations and overall tones, it's going to be one nightmare for sound editors, never mind the work on the digital actor.

Do you think this can turn out well? Are we at the stage of digital actors? I'm not so sure we are...



Totally weird. Be water, my friend.

About time to remember the superb figure of Bruce Lee, but not in that way...

Hell, why don't they just call it Game of Death III and be honest about the cynical cash-in nature of the thing.

You mention the difficulty of cutting together the existing dialogue from his existing films. You don't mention the other, somewhat greater difficulty, i.e. that he doesn't speak English in most of them. In fact, I'm not even sure if that's his own voice on the Chinese soundtracks of the Hong Kong films he made. How are they going to get around that?

I don't think the Chinese is a difficulty, with so many foreign films now being accepted in mainstream cinema with subtitles, Cohen could do the whole film in Chinese. Talk about authenticity!

I think that would work.


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