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Bullock's Premonition Quicktime trailer online

SandraBullock.jpgWe've already seen Sandra Bullock in the trailer for Premonition, but now it's online in a huge format Quicktime, and it's looking much better. Actually I found that I got more out of it in the better format and understood a little more - it's amazing what facial expressions can bring to scenes.

The story seems pretty simple, housewife has a premonition that her husband is going to die, she goes about trying to save him. Yet the trailer messes that up quite a bit, there's a hint of an affair, yes, but the most bizarre thing is that one day he's there, then the next day he's dead. It also seems that while the housewife is experiencing a day of the husband being dead, the universe that exists where he's alive is still going on, and she's in it...Sounds a lot more tricky than the original trailer led us to believe.

You can see the trailer in it's glorious new format over at Apple Trailers. [QT:L:M:H:iPod], and it's interesting enough for a look.

What do you feel, does it offer a bit more than we first expected it to? The film also stars Julian McMahon, Nia Long, Amber Valletta and Peter Stormare - although he's not credited he has a few appearances in the trailer.



Sandra seems to be enjoying this different timelines for a movie, just like in The Lake House.

When I was watching the "Lake House", I got the impression Sandra wished she was anywhere but where she was. This girl was not having fun at all. Maybe she was bored with Keanu Reeves.

Aren't we all?

Arent we all what Rich, bored with Keanu Reeves you mean?

Yes! I know the only things I've liked him in are Speed, Matrix and Constantine.

HAHAHAHAHA I can actually imagine you saying that YES with an exclamation point Richard. ;D

I am not a big fan of Keanu and I know he's not that great an actor but he was able to entertain me at some level. I also liked him in A Walk in the Clouds and I thought he stood his ground opposite Al Pacino in The Devil's Adovcate.


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