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Butler talks 300

GerardButler.jpgGerard Butler has put his braces behind him and has been talking about his role in Zack Snyder's 300 as King Leonidas. He talks about the usual stuff of an actor wanting the role so badly, but then he talks about how Snyder almost didn't use him in a scene until he saw him in action.

"The shot where I'm kind of marching through, I almost never did that...I had trained so hard for this particular piece, and it was 15 guys and it all worked fine in the gym...then suddenly you dress them all the same as Persians and you're like, 'Who the f**k is this? Ahhhh!' So at the last minute it looked like we were running out of time, and Zack came over to me and said, 'Look, maybe we should use a stuntman.' And I think he just didn't know how badass I was yet! And it broke my heart. So he said, 'Why don't you go ahead and warm up?' And I don't know what happened; I guess [he] probably saw me up there and said, 'You know, maybe we'll take a gamble with this.' And it went great."

Over at UK IGN they were lucky enough to see some footage of the film too, and they have nothing but praise for it, much like Butler has for Snyder. He talks about how great the director is and how well prepared and understanding of the work he is. All of which bodes really well for his work on Watchmen.

He goes on to talk about the physical training of the role, and for any of you who watched some of the online diaries, you'll know that there was a lot of training to be done for these guys.

"One of my main ambitions was not to be that actor standing up there with a bunch of stunt guys who are really f**king tough, but to be that guy, with the stunt guys going, 'S**t, look at him,'" he says. "And for me one of the first things is always the physicality. There was a strength and a power and a testosterone on that set in Montreal that I've never experienced before, and as the King is slightly mad … there are those moments where you go beyond being a Spartan where you realize how intense and passionate and, let's face it, how f**king nuts these guys were."

...and so begins the build-up to the release of the film, frankly after seeing the footage to date I really can't wait. It looks as strong and testosterone filled as the set sounded.

I think for Butler this could well turn out to be a huge turning point in his career which pushes him further towards star status than he's seen so far. Some of his roles since are certainly following that trend. My immediate concern would be that Priest may be a potential down point in this trend. What do you think? Will it continue?




I have no doubts Gerard Butler is going to be a great star. He has a real natural talent, great feeling and shows emotion better than any actor i have seen today. He became a hearthrob star after Phantom of the Opera, that is without question.
He has charisma in bucketloads, no-one quite like him, he can turn his hand to any role. Although BOAW and PSILY maybe higher profile films, Priest will become a cult film and Gerard will play Ivan with everything he has got, as usual, it will not be a setback, it will be more visually fascinating for the cinema than the other two in my opinion and 300 will put Gerard on top where he belongs finally. But for most of us, Phantom of the Opera did just that two years ago.


Wow Rose, you beat Simone as the biggest Butler fan I know...Well that's not true, I know another one - thanks for your recent help JB.

Still, much as I like the man, the brief time I've spoken with him and seen him on screen, I would be wary of that film in the upturn of his job run. There are a few unknowns in it.

Wow Rose, you beat Simone as the biggest Butler fan I know...

Awwww Richard, that really hurt! I have stopped waxing poetic when it comes to Butler for 'true love is heard even in silence'. YAY! LOLOL

But it's the latter part of what you said that stalled me and made me spit my pineapple juice, and I quote, the brief time I've spoken with him - YOU SPOKE TO GERRY AND I ONLY KNOW ABOUT THIS NOW???

What gives? And tell me more!

Aha...well if the wind is right and the gods willing...

Youre killing me Richard!!!

LOL, poor, poor Simone

Well I am so excited about 300. But being an avid vampire fan Im excited about priest as well.

Gerry has the ability to transform into his characters.
And it will be very interesting to see what he brings to Priest.

As far as him being a rising star well if Hollywood don't get it well then they need to re-evaulate their ways and see what many see in Gerry he has dedication and he grabs these roles and just creates

But then again it may be because I am such a huge fan of his.

Everyone has an Achilles heel.


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