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Cage goes Crazy Dog

NicolasCage.jpgNicolas Cage has signed up for another action thriller, although this one sounds like it has a little more meat than the poor scraps he's been handed of late. Crazy Dog is a film about a New York City Cop who causes the death of his friend due to his own cowardice. Obviously then he's wracked with guilt and self obsession, so he goes on a huge self-destructive streak...

Okay, so I've written out the blurb, almost all of it, because the last few workds are the part that I really love. After just announcing that he's turned onto this huge self destructive streak, the few words are...

...but then seeks redemption.

Oh well, there you go. I love blurbs for that kind of thing. The entire crux of the film in a few words. Joking aside though this does sound like it will play to Cage's strengths and perhaps give him something good to work on after a number of poor films.

Let's not forget though that he's starring in National Treasure II: The Book of Secrets, Production Weekly bring that up after the story too. Personally I'd wish they skipped by this project, there are far more interesting films on his slate.



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