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Cameron holds Battle Angel for Arnie?

Arnie.jpgCould it be true? News is out today that James Cameron has swapped around his schedule to hold off Battle Angel in order that Arnold Schwarzenneger can talk the role of the cyborg Ido.

Right now Arnie is busy having been re-elected for the Governor of California, and a source told Variety through Virgin News that he has stalled the film in order to allow Arnie to complete his latest term and then take up the role. Apparently Arnie has previously hinted that he would take up the role if he was offered and if the Governor role was out of the way.

So now Cameron is off on Avatar first, and allegedly holding back for the big man. I'm not so sure that this is true, however they have both stated that they would work together if it was the right situation. Could this be the right situation? Or will Arnie be too old, or even too busy to play the part?



By the time Arnie finishes his governorship's term, Maria, his wife, will be pushing, pulling, and haggling for him to run for the presidency. Flip a coin, a movie or the White House. Hmm, sorry Cameron but the BOSS overrule...

I doubt Arnie would even think about going back to the movies.


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