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Campbell wanted gay M

CasinoRoyale-AstonMartin.jpgApparently Martin Campbell, the director of Casino Royale, had the idea to show M in bed either with a younger man or a younger woman, but Daniel Craig convinced him otherwise.

Speaking at the premiere of the film, through PR Inside, Campbell said that they came up with different ideas to make the character more raunchy, but Craig convinced him otherwise, Craig says:

"M bedding a woman, that's Martin's idea...At the beginning M is the only person he (Bond) cares about and she cares about him. He's slightly flirtatious with her. I don't want it to go any further."

This is one of these silly stories that comes out at film release time, but if there is any truth in it then it shows that Craig has some strong beliefs in the Bond character. Perhaps that's the entire point of the story...

Charity screenings commence tonight and showings are on tomorrow. Enjoy, at least something remains unchanged.



For crying out loud... must that issue be dragged into just about every bloody franchise? First it was Star Trek and now Bond.

If they want to kill the box office for this film/franchise they should feel free.



Please understand Vic, we need every single aspect of political correctness in every single film and TV show to remind us how to behave as fine upstanding humans.


Ah, thanks for that Richard. :-)



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