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Captain Awesome and Multiple Mary

Both these projects sound awful, and that's why I thought you'd like to hear about them. Multiple Mary is the tale of two friends who date a woman with multiple personalities, and Captain Awesome is a comedy about a superhero. Both sound like projects we've seen before, and for the most part avoided, what could honestly make the studios want to do them?

Multiple Mary is being made by Fox Atomic, the people who are just bringing us the R-rated and superb looking Turistas. According to The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon, once the friends discover that they are dating the same woman they head off on a battle to try and win one of her personalities through, obviously their one. What's the betting that neither wins and a new personality appears?

Captain Awesome has little details with the story from The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon. It's about a superhero is about as much as we know...chances are he's a failed one, or can't do anything right perhaps?



Not based on the Threadless T-shirt of the same name, is it? [http://www.threadless.com/product/179/Captain_Awesome]

Might well be Martin...do you know any more about the character, or is it just the T?


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