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Carpenter's The Thing gets remade?

TheThing_Poster.jpgBack in September we heard about the planned prequel to The Thing, now it seems to be heading for a straight remake according to recent news.

Strike Entertainment have teamed up with Universal and have scrapped the idea of the prequel in favour of a "companion piece" to John Carpenter's The Thing - for those of you who don't speak marketing jargon, that means they are saying it's their own film even though they are remaking the classic original. It's an attempt not to annoy the fans of the classic.

The story from Variety through Coming Soon tells us that the script is to be written by Ronald D. Moore of Battlestar Galactica executive production fame.

At least David Foster the original producer is onboard as an executive producer, but does that really make any difference?

The original film was superb and was a remake of the 1950's classic The Thing From Another World. This film told of a remote artic camp were snowed in for the winter who found a strange ship and a creature frozen in the ice. They take the creature back to base and as it defrosts they realise it's still alive, and that it kills and replicates other living creatures. Paranoia sets in on the camp and the struggle to survive begins.

It is superb, and if you haven't seen it I thoroughly recommend you do. The cast is superb, the story brilliant, and the atmosphere is nailed perfectly. A wonderful Carpenter film indeed. How will the remake fare? Who could possibly carry it off?



Sigh... when will they learn to leave well enough alone?


Studios should remake bad movies that have potential rather than trying to upstage classics. Carpenter's The Thing was excellent and I don't see a remake living up the the original.


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