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Casino Royale clips online

CasinoRoyale_Poster.jpgThere's not long left now for the new, blond, Bond in Casino Royale, and I'm looking forward to his arrival much more than when he was announced. Although I never really hated the choice, I was concerned about the direction of the franchise, and then the teasers and trailers came and my mind was changed. Now there are ten clips of the film online for you to watch to help make your mind up in time for the release.

You can see the ten clips, their titles listed below, over at Movies.com through Coming Soon.

"Freedom Fighters"
"Construction Site"
"Crane Fight"
"The Apartment"
"Riding on the Beach"
"Poker Game"
"Aston Martin"
"The Train"
"Last Minute Details"

I just clicked on one to check the player, which is their own player and worked perfectly find in my Opera browser. "The Apartment" breaks a few more rules for the Bond legend, and it is also features a couple of headstrong characters, even "M" seems new and improved.

Have a look and see what you think, I'm really taking to this new Bond. Then, after you've made your decision, have a look at the poll on the sidebar of the site and have your vote - is this new Bond the best yet?



Ey Rich, what about a feature on our all time fave James Bond films? That should get a lot of response!

I think you're right. That's got to be next weeks one. Thanks Simone - Oh and check the poll out for more Bond stuff.

I already voted, I think I was the first one too, but yes will certainly do! ;D


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