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Casino Royale director interviewed

MartinCampbell.jpgMartin Campbell was interviewed about Casino Royale just recently. No real surprise as the entire cast are being interviewed all over the place right now and the Bond marketing machine is in full production. My review will be added to the masses tonight or tomorrow, and I think we'll have to have a new poll about Daniel Craig.

In the interview he says some interesting things about returning to Bond and the stars involved. Here's what he said about Pierce Brosnan and his return to Bond.

When I came on, it was already decided that Pierce wasn't going to do it, so I was not involved in that at all. The idea was that when you go back to basics with Bond, he's a much younger Bond and a different Bond, so clearly, Pierce having done four wouldn't work in Casino Royale.

Definitely right, sure he was a great Bond but he wouldn't have worked for a leap back in time. Mind you, they kept Judi Dench as M, how did that work?

It doesn't make any sense in the timeline. We simply said that you got to suck that up, because you can't really change Judi Dench at this point, she's just too good. We did discuss it, because there's no logic to it, of course, but we just thought she's so perfect in the role. And somehow, the woman in the role makes the relationship much better with Bond.

Talking of the people behind Bond, is there likely to be a return for Q?

There's no 'Q 'in the books, he doesn't appear...It just doesn't sort of fit the tone of the movie...Maybe in the future, in some form, he'll be reintroduced, but there's been no discussion of that.

What about this big terrorist organisation, is it going to be a return to the S.P.E.C.T.R.E. theme?

I don't think they'll go as fantastical in that direction. You won't get the huge room with twenty-seven people sitting at the table and the man stroking a cat, and then #27 disappears into the shark tank. (laughs)...You may see a more realistic interpretation of that.

The entire interview is over at Superheroflix.com, and it's well worth a look.

After seeing the film I have to agree with everything he says. Although there are a few issues with it, this is a wonderful Bond film, and is definitely fighting for the top spot of the best Bond films and the best Bond characters.



That last paragraph of yours sounds very promising Richard! ;D

I simply can't wait to read your review!


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