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Casino Royale reviews

CasinoRoyale_Poster.jpgThere are some early reviews out in the UK for Daniel Craig's arrival as the new and harder edged Bond in Casino Royale, and although most are positive and backing Craig, one is quite negative about the whole film.

Daniel Craig is brilliant, oozing the kind of edgy menace that recalls Sean Connery at his best...slick, fast-moving and pulse-poundingly exciting. The best since GoldenEye David Edwards, Mirror Film Critic

...a Bond who looks like he can do serious damage. Craig is up there with the best. His sex appeal is off the scale. The stunts are more physical and the violence raw.
Wendy Ide, The Times

...a man not quite secure within his own tuxedo and the result is a nervier epic. It could have been off-puttingly dark but Craig holds the screen...
Sinclair McKay, The Telegraph

...the movie is too long...with his well-worn line 'Bond - James Bond', you just can't help cheering.
The Sneak, The Sun

That's what a selection of some newspapers say through The Observer, but they go on to give quite a negative review. Here's what they say...

Craig is the first Bond since Connery who looks more than capable of doing his own stunts, he runs like a streetfighter, falls credibly from great heights and has been practising his free running. This is pre-Q Bond; the closest he gets to a gadget is a decent mobile phone; he spends a good deal of his time chasing fast cars on foot in a manner Roger Moore would have deemed far too keen; to start with he doesn't even seem to have his own motor. Worse still, he hasn't yet earned Barry's theme, except in odd mangled chords.

Now to me that all sounds rather positive and intriguing, a great basis for the start of Bond, however things don't seem to progress well for the reporter Tim Adams who is a big Bond fan.

...the explosion of a gas tanker is no real substitute for vaguely plausible plotting or some notion of contemporary relevance - a key element in Fleming's thrillers was his sharp move from villainous former Nazis, to Cold War paranoia.

In attempting to flesh out the idea of Daniel Craig's Bond as backstory to subsequent Bonds...almost everything else seems to have gone out of the window (along with various not particularly sinister villains)...

...the time frame of the film is perplexing. After the grainy Fifties Prague opening, there is the predictable Seventies, Whicker's World rush of destinations, taking in Uganda, Madagascar, the Bahamas and Venice, while Bond, who we are presumably supposed to believe we have never come across before, suggests from time to time that he is in 2006...

...The problem with making Bond more real, is that everything around him then seems even more fake than usual.

Mmm...there are some strong negatives in there, but at the same time even Adams has some praises for the film and all the other reviewers seem to have really liked it. Is there perhaps too much you can read into Bond, even in the new film that boasts more intelligence and a harder, darker story?

I do like his comment that making Bond real makes you look more closely at the reality of the rest of the story, and perhaps that does affect the film. It'll be interesting to find out for ourselves, and I'd be really keen to hear what the first non-reporter Bond fans feel of the film...the days are counting down.



The trailers make the film look brilliant. Daniel Craig has been brilliant in everything I've seen him in. The original Bond films were rather brilliant, as well.

I have no doubts this film will be brilliant.

Hey Andrew, that's 4 times you used brilliant there, I do hope youre right! ;D

Speaking of Casino Royale, I just cant wait to see it now. Then again I cant wait for what you have to say about it Richard, been a while since you did a review!

I'm excited to see Casino Royale...at this point I'm counting down the days! LoL

I know, I've been concentrating on site development and writing for a while now. There's still loads to do but I am trying to get back to the reviews now.

Big one coming. Pan's Labyrinth will be next wednesday.

If you had asked me six months ago what I thought I would have said ehh it looks ok. But I have to admit, everything I've seen and read about Craig in the role, and oh mann have the trailers sold me too, I am now too literally counting the days until I get to see this.

I'm sure it will be fine, but I'm not seeing myself jump onto the 'brilliant' wagon just yet ..


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