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Cassel in double Gangster films

VincentCassel.jpgDeath Instinct and Public Enemy No. 1 are two French Films described by Variety through Coming Soon as "ambitious" which had previously been pulled, now though they are back on.

Starring the superb Vincent Cassel, Marion Cottillard and Eva Green and directed by Jean-Francois Richet, these stories tell the tale of the notorious French Gangster Jacques Mesrine, played by Cassel. Mesrine tells the exciting and twist filled story of the Gangster through his dangerous and crime filled career up until his death in 1979.

What's even more special is that Cassel's father, Jean-Pierre Cassel , is on IMDB as appearing in the film too, a man who has appeared in over 180 films, first starring in 1953.

Cassel (junior) is a superb actor who I've seen now in a number of projects, both French and English, and he just seems to command the screen when he's on it. I'm definitely excited for this film. There are so many of his films I could recommend, one that particularly struck me was The Crimson Rivers, but there's La Haine and his superb performance in Derailed (review). I'm sure the Twitch guys will wade in and tell me I've missed out his greatest performance in...



Hey Richard. I'm a shameless lurker on you site (but by your comment I'm sure you know that by now...)

I'll go one better an say that Marion Cottillard is stunning in the one-two punch of Jeux D'enfants (aka Love me if you Dare) and Un long dimanche de fiançailles (A Very Long Engagement).

Cassel rocks the boat in Sheitan, but is a force of nature in Irreversible. The man has range.

I have Irreversible for my viewing this evening...and I'm nervous already.

Nothing to be ashamed of lurking wise, just glad you do, and hence the comment I appreciate the input of your foreign and very technical knowledge!

I knew you'd never agree with me though! ;)


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