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Caviezal joins Outlander

JamesCaviezel.jpgOutlander, if you remember, is the film about two aliens who crash land on Earth during the time of the vikings. One is a humanoid creature and the other is a monster like creature. Amazingly this tale stars Jim Caviezel and he's managed to say a few words on the film.

The creature, called Moorwen, is chasing the other alien and is also intent on destroying all human life, just something he seems to want to do in his spare time. Although he hasn't yet seen the creature models, Caviezel does say that it is going to be scary. From Sci-Fi Wire comes the actors comment:

"It's kind of like Braveheart and Highlander combined...Somewhat, and really not, and much bigger."

Oh well, that's loads to go on. Still the plot idea is intriguing, and the fact that they have signed on a star sucj as Caviezel surely means it's more than your average?



I can still remember when Mel Gibson was asked why he chose Caviezel to play Christ, he says "it's those pair of eyes". It's also amazing how Gibson managed to get him act properly.


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