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Clancy dropped for new Ryan film?

TomClancy.jpgDespite Tom Clancy having several successful films made of his books, and a few videogames which are also being made into films, his character Jack Ryan is to be resurrected for film without him involved.

This sounds like a bad move just waiting to happen. Philip Noyce, the director behind Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger has told Clint over at Moviehole, through Cinema Blend, that moves are afoot to get the character Jack Ryan back on screen in a film about him and not based on any Clancy novels to date. This will be an entirely new story written by someone other than Clancy and an entirely new actor.

Okay...hold up a minute. Three out of four Clancy filmed books starring the Jack Ryan character have been a success, two with Harrison Ford (both mentioned above) and one with the superb Alec Baldwin (The Hunt for Red October). One didn't do well and that was Sum of All Fears with a poorly cast Ben Affleck and some stupendously daft on screen moments that didn't follow Clancy's reality. Oh and it was directed by the guy who made Sneakers and Field of Dreams, both excellent films, but not your spy-action-thriller type films.

So looking at that equation they've decided to go with a new director, new actor, and a story entirely away from Clancy. What I want to know is where in those last two paragraphs that looks like a winning combination? Well okay, they have to find a new actor, that's for sure, but dumping the Clancy stories and input?

I think this could be a right royal disaster, and likely to be swamped by the upcoming Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six, both of which already have appeal and recognition far greater than any non-Clancy story or the character name Jack Ryan.

Tell you what, my Dad will be furious.



Hmm, I don't think it would be such a bad idea, Richard. If you look at it carefully, the move is almost similiar to James Bond movies. The original creator of James Bond book, Ian Fleming(?) probably doesn't have the rights anymore, but the name James Bond continues to live and also do very well in theatre, right?
Three different actors already played Jack Ryan, and I don't think fans and movie buffs are going to care who direct and who star in the movie, regardless of whether it's the same character or different version of the same character. As long as the movie is good, and they're getting there monies worth, then, hey, eveybody wins (except maybe Tom Clancy). I seriously doubt this guy is hurting for money.
Btw, I really did like Sum of All Fears. Perhaps, Ciaran Hinds had something to do with it. He's a very talented actor.
And, oh, Happy Thanksgiving.

I disagree Poodle - not on the Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate it - but on the Ryan franchise.

It's not like Bond, it's heavily secured in reality. Real situations and issues, and (almost) everything built around how equipment, armies, government departmets work and operate. That's one of Clancy's strengths and that's one of the reasons Sum of All Fears didn't work because the film seemed to forget these in some key situations.

Oh dear! Poodle, did you just say you like Ciaran Hinds? Cause I love him! Please tell me youve watched HBO's Season 1 of Rome for he was great playing Julius Caesar.

Sums of All Fear didn't work, because they made the fourth or fifth series, the book, into a prequel. The story didn't make sense, it was cheap, and it was lazy on Clany's part. He was the producer after all. Just because the new version won't have Clany's name, it doesn't mean it's going to have 360 degree overhaul. The movie maker don't want to fix something that isn't broken. Clany's dictum and style will always be there. The only difference is, the franchise and ownership will be in someone else's name. That's what this whole thing boils down to, who gets the bigger piece of the pie. I hope you don't think I'm being argumentive :-)

No, don't be daft, it's debate not arguing!

Producer means a host of different things, and in many cases it merely means that his name is attached to secure confidence and funding from others.

I don't think it was the order of the books, after all the other three films really give no sense of order either. Wasn't Patriot Games where Ryan returned to the CIA?

Looking at the way Hollywood do sequels, and without the grounding that Clancy would require if his name were attached, I think that a new director will just pick a desirable star, recreate a Bourne style film and throw Ryan's name at it. That to me spells the end of the Ryan character.

Actually no, Sum of All Fears did that!

You're right though, it does boil down to the cold hard cash and percentages.

I sort of agree with Richard on this one. It's like taking someone else's ideas and making them your own. Like if I made a Rocky movie without Stallone and completely re-arranged the whole idea behind Rocky.

Still, the Bond example is right on.

I'm tired and full of Turkey and wine. I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Ramble on....

Well I'm having some red wine in sympathy too, even though it's not thanksgiving here.

Yeah the Bond is a great example, but I think it's so much easier with that series because (until now) it's been so fanciful and there are no real rules to it.

Clancy is much more realistic and there are loads of rules. If they can stick to that and recreate the reality then it could work.

Hi Simone, no, I haven't seen Rome, but I'm sure Ciaran was wonderful. For such a talented actor, I'm really surprise he doesn't get many starring roles. But, he was really great in Sums of All Fear. Cheers

Mr Hinds was also fantastic in Munich, have you seen that Poodle?

Yes, although I didn't care to much for the movie. In my opinion, "Persuasion" was Ciaran's best performance.

As Captain Wentworth? But of course! That's where I fell in love with him! *winks*

If you want to see another great Ciaran Hinds performance, check out The Mayor of Casterbridge., its a bit tragic, but boy was he very good in that too. And try and rent the Rome tv series!

Richard, sorry for the off-topic posts! ;D


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