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Clive Barker begins Poe film

CliveBarker.jpgClive Barker is working on a new film which will be aimed at a younger audience than his usual fare, he's developing a thriller for a teenage audience. The film will see the characters in search for the missing story of the last few weeks of Edgar Allan Poe's life, unfortunately they trigger a curse which releases Poe's nightmares into reality, and they're caught in the middle.

The story from Reuters through Yahoo News tells us that Walden Media, the people behind Narnia, are working with Barker on this story:

"By focusing on mood and atmosphere rather than blood and guts, Clive Barker brings a smart, literate take on the horror genre that will expose young audiences to its great literary underpinnings," said Alex Schwartz, executive VP of production at Walden Media.

Barker also spoke about the project, and what he hopes to bring through with the film.

"I think we might have a chance with this project to bring the character of Poe alive for a new audience and weave his shadowy existence into the dark enchantments of his stories so that for our protagonist, and for our audience, it will be difficult to be sure where one finishes and the other takes flight,"

Barker has worked with the younger audience before having written The Thief of Always which is also in development as a film, and showing business acumen, his four book fantasy series The Books of Arabat. It certainly seems he's busy just now with the news that he's also writing the script for the Hellraiser remake.

Are we seeing the return of Barker? I hope so.



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