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Clooney creates another Ocean's franchise

GeorgeClooney.jpgTalking of George Clooney, it seems he's signed up to create another Ocean's type film, but the idea is slightly different this time.

Belmont Boys will see a group of seven young thieves get together at a racetrack and almost pull off the job of a lifetime. Well it doesn't happen, perhaps they end up in jail, and thirty years later they get together to finish what they started.

So the blurb from Hollywood Reporter sounds very similar indeed, just with a little twist. Yet the twist makes a huge difference doesn't it?

The film will take place in the U.S. and locations throughout Europe, with Clooney and [Jerry] Weintraub already in discussions with seven major actors for the lead roles.

Weintraub said the movie will not be an "Ocean's" retread and that the actors will be much older, "though all big stars."

So not that much different really, just because the actors are all older and there's the gap of time added in there, doesn't make it that much different on paper. What do you think? Is it going to be more of the same and cashing in on the idea that's been working so well so far?



Isnt he tired of the whole thing? How many films has he done that involved robbery in it? 3, or is it more? Shheeeeshh.


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