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Close returns to television with FX

GlennClose.jpgI am sad to say that Glenn Close is returning to television for her own series, although she's tied into three films just now she's going to take the lead in an FX produced legal drama.

She will play a big time lawyer called Patty Hughes who will win her cases through some unusual methods, and Variety through Empire tells us to expect the usual FX twists - that apparently means gritty and hard edged.

I really came back to Close when I saw her in The Chumbscrubber (review) and when she appeared for a stunning series of The Shield, perhaps the best series so far and one of the strongest characters, oh I wish she'd come back for another series there. She's such an imposing character on screen in that show, and Chumbscrubber shows the complete other side of her acting ability.

So part of me is sad that the news from Variety through Empire tells us we're not seeing her take to big screen leading roles for a while, but the other part is thinking that with her performance in Shield, FX have picked her up to continue that style in her own series. I hope it works out and she gives us more of her fantastic acting. I'm a huge fan.



you and i agree about her Shield appearance. I loved her. And in the finalle that season, I halfway expected her house to blow up and she die.

When she didn't, I expected her to return the next season...and when she didnt' it really irked me. She was such a doomed character. And the show lost something of it's moral center when she failed to return.

She used to be one of those chicks that I made fun of in high school. The Shield stopped me dead in my tracks and had me apologizing. She is now one of the few actresses I actually respect.

Mogulus that's exactly the same. I thought those things too. I expected her to return and either come back tainted or focus on fighting the system and therefore give Vic the space to do what he does.

I never expected that character to give up as she did.


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