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Comments Back on and Email Notification

Sorry, looks as though the comments were out for an hour there. Apparently the Server automatically freezes comments whenever there's an attack and the CPU usage goes crazy on the script, I can't figure out why it's going so mad on CPU usage, but it is.

Despite next to no spam getting through on the site, there's still a lot of people trying, and when it's spam bots then it just causes the commenting to be frozen until someone notices. So if you do, drop me a note and I'll get it going again as soon as possible.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.


By the way, something else I've noticed is that the Comments Email Notification service I started some time ago is forever clogging up with spam. There are a few people using it, and one in particular, so I'd like to apologise to them for taking it off line just now. I'm going to see how that goes for now and see if it helps out any. Sorry again for any inconvenience.



Cheers Richard. ;)


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