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Constantine 2 is a go...again

LaurenDonner_Jackman.jpgNovember 19th, Filmstalker carries the story that Lauren Shuler Donner tells us that Constantine 2 is a go and with Keanu Reeves too, also that Sawyer from Lost (Josh Holloway) is the guy she'd love to play Gambit in an X-Men film.

Fast forward to today and we hear Rope of Silicon through JoBlo announce the story.

From the Filmstalker write up:

Yes, with Keanu [Reeves]. We have been working with a team of writers to come up with a story and yeah, you will...

... We are really going to go for it this time. The area that we found is great...it's really scary, it's good…it's outside of America...different director, but Francis [Lawrence] will produce it with us. We will try to maintain his vision.

Donner was interviewed over at IESB, and I thought the news was superb. I loved Constantine (review), and thought that it would be ripe for a franchise, as long as Reeves and Peter Stormare returned.

Is it exciting news for you...second time round?



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