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Core to direct train robbery gang

PaperclipMoney.jpgEricson Core was a first time director on the American Football film Invicible starring Mark Wahlberg, and although the film didn't do so well, he's been taken onboard a film about a real life criminal who stole from the rich and gave to the poor.

The story sounds amazing, and like Josh over at Cinema Blend who got the story, I'm amazed that this wasn't plastered all over the newspapers and media as soon as it happened.

Eddie Mongon was the ringleader of the Conrail Boyz gang who robbed millions of dollars of merchandise from cargo trains from 1993 to 2003 and gave the proceeds to the poorer people of Hoboken in New Jersey. According to Norfolk Southern Police News he seemed to be quite successful...until Mongon was caught in 2004. Since then Hollywood has had the rights, but they've been trying to find the right people to bring it to the big screen.

According to the Police the gang lept aboard slow moving cargo trains, cut the padlocks open with boltcutters and then simply threw the merchandise to the side of the tracks where other gang members collected them. Their alleged haul list includs 17,496 Playstations valued at US$5 million.

It all sounds rather grand until you hear that they were threatening Police to try and thwart their two year investigation into the gang and their dealings, and that the asset seizure list reads like a rappers garage rather than Robin Hood's.

It sounds an interesting story which has a cool twist to it, and the fact that it turns out to be true. What do you think, something which has the psossibility of being a little more original? Did anyone hear about this at the time and can cast more light on the story for us all?



Yeah I wondered whatever happened to that film, does it mean it might not get a release in the UK?

It's not lined up for one, that's for sure.


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