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Cox joins Singer's Trick 'r Treat

BryanSinger.jpgThe Bryan Singer produced horror film Trick 'r Treat has gained a few big names to the cast, Brian Cox, Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker and Leslie Bibb are now set to star.

Michael Dougherty, who wrote and is set to direct this film, co-wrote the Superman Returns, X2, and the Logan's Run scripts, and word has it from SciFi Wire that his script caught the eye of Singer who then had to get on board and produce it. They also say that Singer will be very hands on during production as he will be on set each day.

The story is about a town on Halloween night where, if you break the rules of Halloween, you will suffer. Moowaahahaha!

Sounds interesting, and amazing that Singer can even find the time if he wants to do Wolverine and Superman: Man of Steel as reported yesterday.



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