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Crank gets pathetic UK DVD release

Crank_Poster.jpgCrank (review) is being released on DVD in the UK in December, and this is a message to all thinking of buying it - don't. Why not? Well all they are giving you on the disc is Dolby Digital 5.1 and a trailer. Ridiculous, whereas the region 1 (that's the disc for US & Canada) has way, way more.

That's the news according to DVD Times. So why do us British DVD buyers always seem to get the raw end of the cows bum? Well it could be because we're gullable, yes I said it, we'll race out and buy this DVD and then buy it again when there's a Special Edition - or rather the region 1 edition released in the UK.

I say let's not. Let's not buy this rubbish version and wait for the region 1 version to make it's way here, or just buy the region 1 from abroad. Here's what it's got...

Crank’d Out Mode! For the first time ever, experience exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, making-of insights, interviews, running commentary and more without ever leaving the film! Family-Friendly Audio! Enjoy the film without the usual expletives... should you so wish.

Now how cool does that sound, and with a pretty new concept to pull all the features into the film. Never mind, at least the studio's aren't making complete fools of us in the UK...are they?



Typical, those American lot always get the better deal .. films first, games consoles first, better dvd's, legal firearms ... wait a second .. it may have only been 1 day but we got Batman Begins first so HA!! stop mocking me ...

On the upside, the trailer I saw for Spidey 3 at the cinemas said May 4th - Worldwide ... sounds promising ...


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