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Cronenberg begins Eastern Promises

DavidCronenberg.jpgDavid Cronenberg is set to start production on his next film, Eastern Promises. It sounds related to A History of Violence in a way and will also star Viggo Mortensen, as well as Naomi Watts.

Nikolai (Mortensen) is a ruthless connected man, connected to one of London's most notorious organised gangs. Anna (Watts), a nurse, stumbles across the gang as she is trying to learn the identity of a young prostitute who died during child birth. Unfortunately she uncovers some information about the gang who decide to come after her and make sure she can never bring the evidence forward. All the while the police are getting closer to the gang and tension is high.

The news from Coming Soon sounds good, and unlike most people I really like the new direction that Cronenberg has taken. Not only that but there's something exceptional about this film that when I saw it threw this onto my watchlist. Sorry Watts, Mortensen and Cronenberg, but it's Vincent Cassel. This man is one of the best actors I've seen, and I want to see him in more films.

What's also interesting about this film is that it's written by Steven Knight, the writer of Dirty Pretty Things, as well as Michael Apted's Amazing Grace and Tony Scott's Emma's War starring Nicole Kidman.

It's already packed with bags of talent and looks set to be a corker of a film.



If it´s as good as Violence, I am on it. Good directors change and evolve. Woody Allen, on the other hand, doesn´t.

I need to know where is filming Cronenberg in London. Thanks for the information.
saludos desde Madrid


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