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Cuaron wants back in Harry Potter

AlfonsoCuaron.jpgAlfonso Cuaron has said in a recent interview that he really would love to return to the Harry Potter franchise - he better hurry up because there are less and less chances as the films go by and they get older.

I would love to have the opportunity of revisiting the Harry Potter universe. It’s an amazing experience to do those films. When you’re doing those films, you’re surrounded by this amazing beneficial energy. Everything that surrounds the J.K. Rowling creation...for me it was two amazing years of my life and I wouldn’t mind at all revisiting that.

Is the quote he gave in an interview through MoviesOnline.

Cuaron directed Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and for me that was the one that brought the series alive to me. There was a bit more darkness and threat to it than the rest, like life instead of more of a fairy tale. Perhaps he is suited to return and give some of the final outings for Potter.

If you could chose who you want to return for some of the remaining Potter films, would you chose him? Who would you want?



Maybe Cuaron can do The Hobbit? ;)

I hope not. From the looks of it, and despite what they say, Children of Men looks really terrible.


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