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Curse of the Golden Flower images online

CurseoftheGoldenFlower.jpgThe Curse of the Golden Flower is the latest film from the director and writer of Hero and House of the Flying Daggers, both sumptuous films which not only delivered on story and action but looked stunning through almost every scene.

There are some images online for the Golden Flower over at Twitch, and they look even more rich and exciting as their predecessors. In the article they also point to some other images they have from the film, and also the official website itself which carries featurettes, trailers, images, etc and looks to be expanded upon come the 12th.

I'm very excited for this film, I loved Hero and Daggers, and I think that Yimou Zhang has a stunning eye for the beautiful and visually dramatic.



Hero is one of a handful of films I've made a point of seeing at the cinema after seeing it on DVD. Going purely on the stills there, this is clearly a must-see (and thank God Miramax aren't handling it, else we'd have been lucky to see it before 2010).


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