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Dallas in more trouble

JREwing.jpgAs if it could get any worse for the film outing of Dallas. Previously we heard that the entire cast had been dropped (barring John Travolta as J.R.) and that the script was not going to be touched other than tweaks. Today we hear that the script has been dumped and a completely different direction taken! Here's what was said then:

Robert Harling's script may be tweaked, but a major overhaul is not planned

Well according to Starpulse News Blog, the original script was said to be a hard hitting dramatic take on the story, but after test screenings in the US Midwest, that idea has been totally scrapped and they're turning to a comic, slapstick version of the TV show. In fact the word is that they're going to try that show within a show type affair that worked so well for Nicole Kidman in Bewitched.

Apparently filming is off until January so that Travolta can finish off Hairspray...oh dear, none of it sounds good really.

One source tells New York Post's Page Six, "The script totally sucks."

Is the very poigniant closing quote from the story. I think they should have definitely stuck with the original and made it dramatic and hard hitting, trying to inject comedy into it just won't work, after all it was never a comedy originally, only time and the trend of laughing at the eighties has brought that about. Can you remember the furore over J.R. being shot? The security for the copies of the show and the media frenzy? Oh no, that wasn't a comedy then.



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