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Daniel Craig interview online

DanielCraig.jpgThere's an interview with Craig Daniels online, I was going to be heading off to see him on screen yesterday but that got waylaid until today...and once again it's been waylaid, so I think perhaps tomorrow. Anyway, Bond is out and there's a cracking interview with Mr Craig, Mr Daniel Craig (it doesn't matter what colour his hair is) online.

Thanks to Michael at MoviesOnline for giving us the heads up to the interview he scored, here are a few quotes before you head over and read the full thing. First up Craig talks about how he just couldn't say no to Bond...

The script was great. I got it and I read it and I thought, ‘I’d be a fool not to have a go at this.’ Hindsight is a very easy thing to say, but I was going, ‘If I don’t do this, you’re going to regret not having a go at this,’ because he is one of the biggest, iconographic [characters] in movie history...this came along and Barbara Broccoli is very persuasive. She made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I'm sure she did. Then comes an interesting quote, he says he's signed for three films and it doesn't sound like he's talking a simple retention clause, this sounds like solid stone three films. I think they might persuade him for maybe two more after that if all goes well.

He talks about the film, the process, and the work involved, some His Dark Materials, and a few other things. He even discusses how he felt when people were slagging him off on the Internet for being Bond, but give him his dues he said he got it, he understood the passion, and that only the film could speak for him. Right now I believe it's shouting. There are sold out performances at my usual multiplex for it, and I haven't seen three sold out shows in a row for a very long time.

He talks about the new weaknesses showing in Bond and how he doesn't want to see an indestructible character, something Bond very much was for a long time...until Dalton and the later Brosnan.

If I play any character I want to see a weakness within them, because I want to see how they cope with that, how they dealt with it. I don’t want to watch two-dimensional characters when I go to the cinema. I want to watch rounded people make decisions, and I can’t believe that they’d make a decision that they’re Teflon-coated. That doesn’t interest me.

Oh, and he says Connery is the main man for him as Bond. I think he's being modest, I think he may have just blown all the competition out of the water, but we have to see what happens with the next few, don't we?



What have I been doing in November that I have missed so many of these news???

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if this is an interview than here is my quetion do you like playing bond?

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