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Darabont talks Mist and Farenheit

FrankDarabont.jpgFrank Darabont has talked about his next Stephen King adaptation, The Mist. This time he's not going all thoughtful and human psychology, he's going dark, horrific and fast paced.

Over at CHUD they score another cool scoop today with the interview with the excellent writer, and he reveals that the studio are letting him create it dark, and as dark as he wants.

"...there’s a core, that wonderful array of Stephen King characters, which is his strength. There’s a lot of meat there for the actors and the director. I’ve always thought of it as Stephen King’s Lord of the Flies, because it’s less about the monsters – which are important, certainly. If you’re going to do a horror movie you might as well have some really cool monsters – but it’s more about the disintegration of civilization in that supermarket, how everything breaks down for those people in there. From that standpoint it’s a fascinating story to tell"

He goes onto say that Mist will be a really quick project, and although Farenheit 451 will be delayed for this film he's still going to be working on the preparation, and with the speed he's talking about doing Mist with, it sounds like 451 isn't far from his mind.

"It’s going to be fast and furious, pal. I just started prepping and we’re going to be shooting maybe February. When I say fast, I ain’t kidding around"

I'm quite excited about both projects, and quite frankly anything Darabont does, he does have a bit of a magic touch. His ideas for 451 are quite cool as well, when asked about technology and the updating of the original Ray Bradbury tale he turns that around and suggests that books will be the only place to hide something anymore. Interesting when you think of the idea that everything digital will be open to the Internet and scanning from unknown eyes, it almost is already. Interesting and frightening, actually the addition of this level of paranoia could make the tale even better for the big screen.



Stephen King has mildly been adapted to the cinema, with very few exceptions. I really wish to see Darabont´s new take on his work, because Frank has been the best in this task so farn (Shawshank, Green Mile).

I still haven't seen Shawshank!


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