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Day of the Dead remake trailer online...again

DayOfTheDead2006Poster.jpgThe Day of the Dead 2007 remake trailer is back online and being punted as the first look, unfortunately it's in an embedded format and I found it jumpy and poorer quality than the Quicktime version I found back in October.

You can see the Quicktime version over at Nuimage.net from the previous Filmstalker story.

The embedded trailer is over at MovieWeb which reminded me of the story.

I realised, looking back at this trailer, that I hadn't actually watched it myself - sometimes I have to keep writing rather than reading and watching! - so I just did. I flicked on the QT version and was quite surprised. You know this actually looks quite good, the action stays off until later on and it looks quite well done.



At first I thought you were talking about a completely different movie when you said, "this actually looks quite good." Having watched the trailer again, I stand by what I said. This movie looks like above par Sci-Fi channel fare, and by that I mean it only looks slightly better than Return of the Living Dead 4.

Maybe I should have added some qualifiers to that statement then. I meant it actually looks good in reference to the genre and the amount of rubbish that's already there, and what I was expecting to see in the first place. It is a bit of a surprise in that sense.

I think the addition of a sex scene early on in the trailer does say a lot!


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