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Dead Silence studio struggle

LeighWhannell.jpgLeigh Whannell has been talking about the troubles he and James Wan, the men behind the Saw franchise, had with the studio in making the new film Dead Silence, originally called Silence.

He says that to start with things were fine, but then there was a change in the mangement and difficulties arose. The start seems to have been when they changed the title. From SciFi Wire:

"At times it was a really combative relationship with the studio," Whannell said. "It didn't feel like they were on our side. With the Saw films, we always feel like they're on our side."

All very interesting, but let's read a little about the plot of the film, the ventriloquist-doll horror film...yes, that's what I thought. It's about...

...a man who thinks his wife's death was caused by a haunted ventriloquist's dummy. He heads to a village named Rayven's Fair, where he battles with a spirit of a ventriloquist named Mary Shaw, played by Judith Roberts. She's haunting the town and cutting out the tongues of her victims.

Oh dear lord. Sounds paper thin and plainly daft, but then to a lesser degree so did the whole Saw idea and look at that little earner. Still, reading the above I am struck by the sheer ridiculous factor of it. Am I alone?



You are definitely not alone. In a genre full of films built around fairly silly premises, that stands out as possibly the stupidest idea for a horror film of all time.


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