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Dirty Dancing remake?!

DirtyDancing.jpgCould it be true that there's a Dirty Dancing remake actually going ahead? Well apparently Mario López is among the favourites in line for the role made famous, and which famously made, Patrick Swayze, Johnny Castle the muscled, often topless dancer.

Lopez had been on the TV series Dancing with the Stars, and apparently had done quite well, and Moviehole are saying that this could well be one of the reasons he is being eyed. Sky Showbiz have the remake rumours, and they say that there's likely to be an even lesser known actor hired for the role of Baby, and they're going to use the tried and...well...hardly ever tested method of a reality TV show to find her.

Dirty Dancing fans start getting livid and singing your favourite songs in protest right now. Even Swayze himself is pretty miffed at the whole affair:

"I think that the original really stands up well and both leads were great!" he laughed. "We seem intent on re-making everything right now."

We? Well Hollywood certainly does. If it raked in a single penny/cent/euro of profit then they have to slap it on the remake slate, and this film certainly did that, it's been a phenomenon. However, that should stamp the seal of death on a remake. If a film has already had its moment then there's just no way they should consider a remake. I mean come on, this is now a cult classic.



The West End version of Dirty Dancing couldnt live up to the film (the reviews are mixed) so why oh why are they even bothering?

Remaking Dirty Dancing is like saying you want to remake Grease - what's the point? Leave it alone and start writing up original/creative ideas.

I can't see any fan of the original movie feeling an ounce of excitement about this idea. I'm not a huge fan of this movie, but as a teen I did like it and watched it several times. It has some of the best cheesy one liners, which my friend and I will laugh about from time to time.

I don't watch Dancing With The Stars; however, the local news channel likes to do recaps, so I've seen bits of Mario's performances. Yes, he is good, damn good. The man can move and he's handsome, but in my opinion he's not a very talented actor. He played AC Slater on the cheesy "Saved By The Bell" so many years ago and his career never took off afterward the show ended. If they want to make another dancing movie, make one, but don't remake Dirty Dancing.

I think it is terrible to remake this film. Why do we have to remake so many films, I know there are plenty of new ideas out there. There is no way that any actor for Johnny Castle or Francis "Baby" Houseman can hold up to Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. We should a cult film alone, whats next, remaking "Gone with the Wind"?

I think a reverse ET would be cool. An 18 year old boy is left on an alien planet.

when is the remake of dirty dancing
going to be on

when is the remake of dirty dancing
going to be on

when is the remake of dirty dancing
going to be on

when is the remake of dirty dancing
going to be on


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