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DOA pulled from release?

DOA.jpgWord is out that the action film DOA: Dead or Alive has been pulled from the release schedule by the Weinsteins.

Box Office Mojo are not currently showing a release date for the film, after it had already been punted to the 8th of December (currently showing on IMDB), and Cinema Blend are suggesting that it's because the date has been moved again, and indeed pulled from the schedule.

I don't think it's a great surprise, and I could have well expected a straight to DVD release when it first came out. To be honest I was surprised there was such a wide release in the UK, but then I guess it had something that they wanted to see if the public would like - women in sexy clothes (or none) fighting people with swords and martial arts. Yeah...I can see what they saw in the potential returns.

If this is true then, what does it mean for the film? Is it a lost cause and heading straight to DVD, or is it just moving around again. More to the point do you want to have the chance of seeing it in the cinema?



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