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Downloads to be embraced by industry?

PCScreen.jpgI know it's hard to believe but a new report shows that the download model could work for the music and video market. Go figure? Would you ever have believed it? [Sarcasm].

A report from Verdict Research says through Reuters that:

while the legal digital downloading sector remains relatively modest at just 112 million pounds, the forecast is for spending to grow to nearly 500 million by 2011...

...While there were few signs illegal downloading would slow significantly, legal downloading will have jumped by 80 percent in 2006 to represent 2.6 percent of total music and video expenditure.

Finally, are they getting it? Instead of going after every single person who downloads a copy of Pirates of the ongoing-sea-saga-half-arsed-attempt-at-stretching-two-films-two-three Part II why not make it easier and more worthwhile to download it, and download it cheaper than it costs to physically buy it.

You know, I think they actually might be realising it now. Would you use a legal download service, and how would it affect your cinema going and DVD or CD buying?



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