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Dushku in Open Graves, a remake?

ElizaDushku.jpgEliza Dushku is to star in a film called Open Graves (previously called Mamba) which sounds ridiculously like the film Stay Alive released earlier this year.

Stay Alive was about a group of teens who play an online game and when they are killed inside the game they meet the same fate in real life...So what's Open Graves about? Well according to Wikipedia through AITH:

An old game named "Mamba", with a mysterious past, falls into the hands of a group of students. After a good day of surf and a celebration interrupted by a storm, curiosity leads the group of young people to play although they do not know anything on it; neither its sinister origin, nor its inherent powers. The young people who lost in the game begin to suffer horrible deaths. One after another they start dying in strange circumstances. The survivors, terrified, are able to learn that these deaths are related to the game and its malignant force...

From there the plot sounds pretty poor. The guy who found it goes along with the surfer girl he's just met and fallen in love with to try and save his remaining friends and...

Oh sorry, did I nod off? Sounds identical to Stay Alive doesn't it? What's the official rule on how long after a release a remake can be made?



Well, the first difference is that it's a board game and not a computer game, so that goofy bit in Stay Alive where Frankie Muniz is able to affect the real world while playing the game to get Jon Foster through the house won't be there. Also, the defining quality of Stay Alive was its impressive ability to suck on all levels, so if Open Graves manages to have a competent score or cinematographer, it will be very diffferent.

But mostly: this is a horror movie. The game is just a MacGuffin.

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