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Eli Roth on Hostel 3?

EliRoth.jpgHostel 3 is confirmed with the Hostel series becoming...a trilogy. (I felt there should have been an Earl Jones moment there).

According to early reports Hostel 3 will still have Eli Roth, but there's no indication of where the story will be going. Frankly I think that's great because we don't want any surprises spoiled (even though I think I've figured out a big twist for Hostel 2 - beware if this is right it's a huge spoiler, probably wrong though!), but part of me wonders how they can make a third.

So the first was about the discovery of the young organisation by guys, the second is about the organisation being much bigger, secretive and more widely know about, and discovered by girls. So what could we have with the third? No...that wasn't my first thought...I guess what I'm really concerned about is seeing more of the same. With such a superb job done on Hostel (review), I don't want to see it cheapened just by the need to pump out three and cash in on the acceoted trilogy.

The word comes from Variety through the cool HorrorMovies.ca.

Could you stomach a third? Can Roth pull it off/pluck it out/hack it off another time with an original idea?




PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a hostel part 3. I loved Hostel,the 2nd was a dissapointment, it was tame compared with the 1st. All of us who loved Hostel need a great 3rd gory movie. Pretty please !!!

yeah pleeaseeeeeee make hostel 3 you are the best eli roth and hostel movies is the best movie in the world....so pleaasee make the hostel 3....byee best regards ever to eli roth

Hostel 2 was pretty good

lots of unanswered questions which were answered in part 2, and part 2 had a very sinster plot in which a macabre torture industry with medeival undertones could be supported by email, PDA's, swiss bank accounts and an army of members worldwide and assasins who could track down their quarry wherever it hid.

i feel 3 could be a turkey and if the reviews are bad, i'm gonna give it a miss forever.

correction to first line

i meant Hostel 1 was pretty good

(but 2 was much better)

I can't decide which of the first two I prefer. The first was scarier as you found out with the victims what was going on.

The second one did what most decent sequels do I think, build at least a little on the first. I did like the sinister plot of seeing all those businessmen and women bidding for them, while they were unaware what was going on. But I think the ending let it down a bit, made it more of a standard horror film.

There was probably enough interesting stuff to make me check out a third, but probably only if Eli Roth was directing.

The first was far superior. The second attempted to do something interesting and look inside the organisation, but really it just ended up going over the same ground but with women.

I wish he would do a third but really cut into the background of the organisation.

The 2nd was much better and more bloody than the 1st. I couldn't get the image of that woman have a blood bath.

Although at the end i was kind of expecting that Beth to die. I thought that after she got her tattoo she would bump into Paxton's Mrs and she would see the hound dog tattoo and kill her (thinking that she was in on it(because of the tatoo).

Bring on the 3rd. :)

Hey Jay, what would you want to see in the third? More of the same or have you thoughts of something different?

this is sick movie ever made and stop spoiling peoples mind and younger generations , and driving
mind towards evil minds and ideas. thank you...

Well I've watched films like this all my life and I haven't killed anyone, and my grammar is pretty good too.

hostel was a great film but hostel 2 was rubbish I am afraid.
He should let someone else direct the film to get the series back on track and stop going for the cheep scares which arn't scary and get back to the tension of the original.


could someone please tell me what the big building that was used for the games in Hostel 3 used to be and is it really near Vagas ????

Regards Mark ( A major Hostel fan )


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