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Elijah Wood backs Jackson for Hobbit

ElijahWood.jpgElijah Wood has spoken out about the New Line - MGM - The Hobbit - Peter Jackson mess and he, like Ian McKellen, says that Jackson is the one to direct the film and can't understand what New Line is up to.

According to his comments over at MyMovies.net through Coming Soon he said:

"If [Peter] ultimately doesn't come back because of what New Line has done I think it would be a great tragedy," said Wood. "I think it's ultimately quite foolish for New Line to move forward assuming they can create an equally wonderful film without Peter... and I think for that for fans that's tragic. For a long time I never kind of imagined that these movies would ever be made, so if they do get made I think they should be made by Peter."

He goes on to obviously refer to a story on Filmstalker about the Tolkein Enterprises company saying that they will have Jackson onboard for The Hobbit when the rights return to them next year. I mean obviously he read it on Filmstalker!

"I don‘t think it‘s ultimately over though, I think the arguments still up in the air. There‘s talk that New Line will ultimately lose the rights to ["The Hobbit"] and that the rights will fall to the Saul Zaentz company, which is what Saul Zaentz is now saying, so who knows? I think it remains to be seen ultimately what will happen, but it makes me nervous."

So that's McKellen and Wood saying that Jackson is the best fit. If they stick by their guns would New Line have to recast Gandalf? It might not be too much of a hassle since these are prequels and with mainly different characters, but Gandalf? Is the tide turning against New Line?



Yeah get all the actors back him up, heck, get what's left of the army of Gondor for all I care, but these ones never had to deal with Jackson's attitudes? I know how will this end anyway, why am I even bothering? He will get his way, and his ego will be inflated, period. Then he will laugh all the way to the bank saying to New Line, I told you so!

This film without jackson would still earn money and the box office success will be massive.

Maybe its a case of the studio wanting a less of a perfectionist(i.e. get the movie made quicker and cheaper) so there profit margin is higher?

i'll be a shame of thats how it goes though.


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