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Epic Movie parody trailer online

CarTrailer.jpgThere's a trailer online for Epic Movie from two of the writers of the Scary Movie series, so yes it's a parody of all the big franchise films such as Rings, Potter and Narnia, and frankly it's about time. However the trailer is a mixed bag, and there's some things you might laugh at, and most things you definitely won't.

Apologies to the lovely people at Cinema Blend for this one, as they found the trailer and said it was hideous, I actually found a couple of funny moments in it. Then again, I love the Airplane films, so this kind of humour does get me...when it's not repetitive and there's some parody to it.

So for example the opening cupboard from Narnia made me groan, in a bad way, as did a lot of the scenes. However some raised a giggle and some moreso, the Narnia beaver scene had a laugh, the Potter moment raised a knowing snigger, and the fact that they do the Pirates parody coupled with the Pirates Porn film parody deserves a nod. Oh, and I'm sorry, but the Superman scene had me laughing, even though I knew it was coming, there's just something funny about his reaction.

Despite the funny moments I found, I still don't think this will be that good, I can see the cheap and missed laughs overtaking the funnier ones which are probably all in the trailer already.

Have a look at the trailer over the page and see what you think...

Miss or hit? Oh and please tell me you laughed at a few moments...or am I totally alone?




That Superman thing was funny! And the faun from Gnarnia too!


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