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Estevez praises Lohan for Bobby

LindseyLohan.jpgDespite the reports of Lindsay Lohan receiving a rather harsh telling off for her on set behaviour, Bobby director Emilio Estevez says that she was very professional and a strong actress.

"the best work of her life."

Is the quote from Showbuzz News. He goes on to say that he wasn't surprised that the press concentrated on the letter from the studio head commenting on her behaviour because that's what sells.

What doesn't sell is the praise he gave her for her professional on set attitude and how good a performance she puts in. That's praise indeed for Estevez, mind you best of her life isn't that great, but it is good. He does go onto say:

"I'd rather have them focus on how extraordinary she is in this film,"

...and again that highlights that he does think very strongly of her as an actress. Some of her upcoming roles do support the fact that she seems to be stepping up a notch in her career, perhaps the best really is to come.



A friend told me that she was also good in Mean Girls, has anybody seen that?


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