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Evil Dead: The Musical

TheEvilDead".jpg"Evil Dead: The Musical sounds like a crazy idea, but apparently it's doing exceedingly well and gathering quite a cult following. It even has an article on it in the NY Times theatre review!

According to the story, the stage play is just the same as the original film, five kids out for a weekend in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. They party, find the book of the dead, play the summoning tape, and viola, they sing! The show includes songs such as Housewares Employee, Do the Necronomicon, (which the NY Times say is rousing and evokes memories of The Time Warp from Rocky Horror) and All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons (which the NY Times say is the high point!).

The first three rows of the cinema are called the splatter rows for obvious reasons, the seats are coated in clear plastic and there's a fair amount of gooey liquid thrown that way during the performance.

The stage play also takes in aspects of Evil Dead II, but totally dismisses the superb Army of Darkness with a simple quip during the show. There are reportedly loads of references, quotes and one liners that the fans can recognise, and it seems that there's a fair bit of participation involved.

Count me in, if it comes this way I'm going to see it! Sounds like a laugh doesn't it?



I hate musicals and audience participation, so this would not be for me at all, but I guess it would be fun for those that like the Rocky Horror show and such.

Any idea where/for how long this is going to run in NY?


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