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Factory Girl set photos

GuyPearce.jpgThere are set pictures online for Factory Girl, the film which looks at one of Andy Warhol's projects from his studio The Factory, Edie Sedgwick. She joined a model and was slowly changed into a drug addict and downwards even from there.

The film stars Guy Pearce as Warhol, Sienna Miller the Tabloid Star and even Hayden Christensen. The shots of Pearce as Warhol are quite spooky, and it promises another excellent character role for him.

Unfortunately I don't think I can use any of the photos resized here, so there's no teaser to entice you in. Suffice to say that they do look good. Well the ones of Pearce do, Millers just sitting and smoking for most of them...

You can see the photos over at Empire.



I think I have posted it already in another topic, but Guy Pearce and Sienna Miller are now an item.

(I know you hate celebrity gossips Richard, but I cant resist!)

Oh dear, and I thought Pearce had good taste!


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