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Factory Girl trailer online

SiennaMiller.jpgThe trailer for Factory Girl is online, the film starring Sienna Miller, Guy Pearce, Hayden Christensen, and Jimmy Fallon.

Again I can't get to see it right now, but you can do it for us all and come back with a little report. The trailer is over at Moviefone through Cinematical.

The story is about a "beautiful", wealthy young lady who drops out of college and heads to New York. There she is picked up by Andy Warhol's The Factory and made famous almost overnight, but slowly she succumbs to the trials and pressures of fame, and of The Factory itself.

Well it might be interesting, but the whole premise to me sounds slightly dull. Pearce is there and that's a huge plus for any film, but I really struggle with Miller. She's not beautiful - being blond, having a slightly not so shiny reputation, and chain smoking so you don't have to eat doesn't make you attractive. No, I'm certainly not that excited by the film. What about you now that you've seen the trailer, am I wrong?



Not seen the trailer yet but my main interest in seeing this film will be because of Hayden. ;)

I have never seen Edie in a film, so I don't know if Sienna did a good job in portraying her, but her acting is much better than I expected.

And Hayden Christensen is smokin hot ;)

You can say that again Me! :P

Just a gossip I heard, Pearce and Miller are a couple now thanks to this movie.


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