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Fantastic Four 2 and Die Hard 4 pictures online

LiveFreeDieHard.jpgFantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Live Free, Die Hard have a couple of photographs online. The Fantastic Four photo is of their new Fantasticar (please, spare me) and the Die Hard picture shows Bruce Willis calling an end to what looks like a gruelling sequence.

The Fantasticar looks, well, like a vehicle that moves people around, but apparently it's a big thing in the Fantastic Four fan world. Frankly it doesn't turn me on at all and it's one of the reasons that the Four never caught on for me, a bit too silly for me. The photo of the car comes from USA Today (just select the story's picture for a large version) through Empire and looks surprisingly good.

In the movie, the Fantasticar is powered by a proton accelerator, can hover, fly at 500 mph and break into separate flying machines. And while the 4,000-pound model doesn't move without the assistance of a crane or casters, it's still an impressive piece of space-age polymer.

Wooo, couldn't it turn invisible too? It seems to be getting as much focus as the Surfer himself, and the both of them are getting more than the Four leads!

The Live Free, Die Hard photo shows Willis calling time out on a scene he looks like he's just walked off. Frankly it's more of Willis covered in blood than anything, and there's nothing to see about the film itself, shame. You can see that photo over at People



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